Practical tips for Aged Care NFPs to strengthen their brand through Public Relations (PR)

Every single day, Aged Care Providers are going above and beyond for those they look after – however, often their acts of innovation and care never go further than the staff room.

As a Communications Agency, we have helped loads of Aged Care NFPs showcase the things they are doing or advocating for in top media including Channel 9, ABC and beyond – which has had everlasting positive impacts on their staff and those they look after.

And although it may surprise some, it is much easier to do than you may think. Here are five practical tips to strengthen your brand through the power of PR:

1. Build strong relationships with the media: Create connections with local and regional newspapers, TV and radio stations. Building relationships by offering strong stories and commentary to local journalists that cover Aged Care can keep you front and centre in telling your strong stories consistently in the media.

2. Have your people tell your stories: In the media, we define a case study or a person with lived experience as the ‘beating heart’ of any story. If your organisation is innovating with a new way of care and you have an incredible person who is benefitting from it – they can be your greatest advocate in getting your story into the media.

3. Be strategic and have a plan: As an organisation, there is always a core message that you’d like the general public to know. When starting your PR journey, it is important that you are strategic in the different ways you can communicate this message and the timing involved. Seek guidance on harnessing a Strategic Communications Plan to get the best results. 

4. Engage with your community: Engage with your community by participating in local events and partnering with other organisations. This can help with awareness raising, relationship building, reputation growth, as well as making connections with potential donors, volunteers and supporters.

5. Always have a Crisis Communication Plan in your back pocket: Although reputation building and credibility are core to your PR journey – unwanted coverage can have severe impacts on both. Always be prepared for any crisis situation with a distinct plan, holding statements, communication procedures with the media, staff and public – all steps to mitigating potential reputational damage.

If your organisation is interested in a complimentary PR & Marketing plan – reach out to our team at Good Talent Media. 

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