Quirindi Care Service: From non-compliance to 4-stars in two years

Eloura operated by Quirindi Retirement Homes (NSW)

Situated on the Liverpool Plains of regional NSW, Quirindi Care Services (QCS) faced considerable challenges mid-way through 2022 with a non-compliance notice and the immediate task of a whole of business transformation. Compliance issues, staff development, and resident engagement were primary concerns.

Inside Ageing wrote about their reaccreditation earlier this year.

QCS has achieved excellence through a comprehensive approach, supported by board commitment, senior management redesign, staff development, workflow enhancements, and resident engagement, all guided by unwavering vision and mission.

  1. Comprehensive Organisational Approach: QCS implemented a whole-organisation strategy that permeated from the Board of Directors to every staff member. This approach created a culture of commitment to improvement.
  2. Board Commitment: The Board demonstrated unwavering support and commitment to driving positive change, recognising the importance of staff and resident satisfaction.
  3. Senior Management Redesign: Senior management was revised and redesigned to align with the new organisational approach, emphasising the importance of leadership in change management.
  4. Reinforcement of Values: QCS reinforced its core values with staff, ensuring that everyone was on the same page regarding the organisation’s mission and vision.
  5. Staff Development: Extensive staff development programs were initiated, including education and training, focusing on building the skills and knowledge needed to deliver exceptional care.
  6. Workflow Redesign and Roster Enhancement: Additional staff were hired, enhancing the facility’s staffing levels. Workflow redesign ensured more efficient and effective care delivery.
  7. Resident and Family Engagement: QCS initiated efforts to actively engage with residents and their families, gathering feedback, addressing complaints, and conducting surveys to understand and meet their expectations.
  8. Focus on Quality Process: QCS adopted a continuous improvement approach, concentrating on quality processes to enhance overall service quality.
  9. Commitment to Vision and Mission: QCS maintained a relentless focus on its vision and mission, ensuring that these principles guided every decision and action within the organisation.

Commenting on QCS’s dedication to these strategies, Kim Riley, General Manager, shared that this transformation marked a significant milestone, reflecting a shift from non-compliance to excellence in aged care.

“Quirindi Care Services is committed to serving our local community and ensuring we provide an environment where our residents feel at home, safe and valued.  We also take great pride in providing a quality work environment for our employees, which ensures our residents receive the best possible care.” 

Kim Riley, General Manager, Quirindi Care Services

Quirindi Care Services’ journey from non-compliance to a 4-star rating within two years is a testament to the power of a comprehensive organisational approach, strong leadership, staff development, and a relentless focus on resident satisfaction.


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