Research: video games offer a way for grandparents to bond with younger family members

Grandparents in the UK are turning to gaming with their younger family members, according to a new study by Samsung. Over 36% of those 65 and over in the UK who are interested in gaming or already gaming play every day, with 85% playing at least once a week.

Gaming is a way for grandparents to bond and spend quality time with family members, with 42% of those surveyed gaming for that reason. Grandparents are also gaming to stimulate their minds and boost their mood, with 22% gaming for these reasons.

The study found that while 51% of grandparents who game or would like to game would like to play alone, many prefer to play with family members such as children and grandchildren or their partner.

To aid the older generation in getting into gaming, Samsung has teamed up with TikTok sensation Grandad Frank and gaming star Gee Nelly.

The Samsung survey polled 1,000 UK adults 65+ who have played or would be interested in playing, computer/video games. Conducted 18th – 23rd November 2022

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