Sex in aged care, where’s the line?

Next week (5 April) we’re talking about a complicated and difficult topic that many people
aren’t sure how to talk about – us included. We’re having a look at sex and sexuality
in residential care, and trying to understand what’s acceptable, what’s not and
where’s the line.

Helping us with this tricky terrain is Dr Catherine Barrett who founded the organisations Celebrate Ageing, the Opal Institute and Ready to Listen – which focus on building and promoting respect for older adults and includes a lot of work on sexual rights and responsibilities of older people.

Catherine has released some great and instructive work including the declaration of
sexual rights for older adults, and her book Addressing The Sexual Rights of Older
People which she published with Sharron Hinchliff.

It’s a full and thought-provoking episode, and we hope you enjoy it. As always you
can hear Daniella and Maurie’s take and thoughts about these ideas in their show
Who Cares? which is released every Friday.

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