Webinar recording: Innovations in remote care monitoring in home care

Learn the latest remote care innovations to improve care outcomes and compliance using survey tools, checkout notes, remote care devices and machine learning algorithms.

You can skip to specific areas of the presentation using the below timestamps:

An overview of the Lookout Care Management Saas Platform and its role in remote care intelligence.

4.30: Lookout and its role in remote care monitoring to help reduce risk and enable better health outcomes.

6.15: How home care business Five Good Friends has adopted Lookout in their business and key benefits:

  • Checkout notes
  • Surveys

9.49: How Lookout monitors checkout notes remotely – capturing what happens as an outcome of a visit and using AI to analyse and flag issues.

13.07: The Lookout dashboard and its role in monitoring observations and highlighting risks from checkout notes.

17.11: Investigating and responding to observations, including risk analysis.

19.17: What data is captured and displayed on the Lookout dashboard.

21.28: Monitoring client and carer wellbeing with surveys.

24.30: Types of surveys, insights and setting triggers based on individual needs.

28.05: What data is captured in surveys and identifying quality and performance.

33.00: Investigating observation – ‘should-nows’ and ‘must-dos’ information for carers ahead of a visit

34.39: Connection tools: Shared notebooks for members, families and carers.

35.42: Centralised data to a remote care system and an explanation of the technology that underpins it.

41.00: Q&A

Learn more about Lookout and how their remote monitoring solutions can help your home care business


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