AI’s solution for fixing aged care

Image created from DALL-E - an AI-driven image generator. We typed in the term 'aged care' and this is what we got...

By now, you’ve probably heard a lot about ChatGPT – an AI-driven chatbot that was released in November 2022 – gaining more than 1 million users in its first week. To give this some context it took Facebook 10 months to gain 1 million users…

The functionality of ChatGPT is primarily for research where you type in a question and it gives you the answer, although it can also help with copywriting, generating ideas and summarising research. Many are suggesting that will become a major threat to Google in that it provides quite detailed written answers as opposed to a list of sources or websites where you then need to go to research the answer.

It does have its limitations that are clearly stated on the chatbot’s home page. It doesn’t search/crawl the web for answers, but relies on information it has learnt before 2021, disclosing that it has ‘limited knowledge of the world and world events after 2021’.

Complementary to ChatGPT is the DALL-E AI-driven image generator. Again, type in what you’re looking for and it will render an image to that description. The main image for this story was generated by typing in the word ‘aged care’.

Developed by the Microsoft-aligned company Open AI (co-founded by Elon Musk), the future of AI-driven chatbots hold enormous potential for sectors such as aged care. Already, consumers can search and find detailed answers to their questions about ‘entering aged care’ – questions that rank highly in Google searches.

Search terms associated with the term aged care in Australia

For aged care providers, there are third-party tools for connecting ChatGPT to a website’s chatbot via an API. We found a product called SendPulse that does this, but there may be others.

We decided to put a few questions to ChatGPT about the problems facing Australia’s aged care sector and how to fix them.

Q: Problems with Australia’s aged care sector

A: There are several problems with Australia’s aged care sector, including:

  1. Lack of funding: The aged care sector is underfunded, resulting in inadequate staffing levels, poor facilities, and inadequate care for older people.
  2. Staffing issues: There is a shortage of qualified and experienced staff in the aged care sector, which can lead to poor quality care and high staff turnover rates.
  3. Quality of care: There have been numerous reports of poor care and mistreatment of older people in aged care facilities, including neglect, abuse, and inadequate medical treatment.
  4. Access to care: Many older people, particularly those living in rural and remote areas, have difficulty accessing aged care services.
  5. Regulation and oversight: The aged care sector is not adequately regulated or overseen, which can lead to poor quality care and poor management of facilities.
  6. Complaints and appeals: The process for making complaints and appeals in aged care is often difficult and confusing for older people and their families.

Q: How to fix Australia’s aged care sector

A: Fixing Australia’s aged care sector would likely involve a multifaceted approach that addresses issues such as funding, staffing, and regulations. Some potential solutions could include:

  • Increasing government funding for aged care facilities to improve staffing levels and enhance the quality of care
  • Developing and implementing new regulations to ensure that aged care facilities meet certain standards and are held accountable for providing adequate care
  • Encouraging more people to pursue careers in aged care, such as through scholarships, training programs and other incentives
  • Increasing the use of technology and telehealth to improve communication and coordination between care providers
  • Encouraging older adults to live independently for as long as possible, through support services and home-modification programs.

It is important to consult with the sector experts and involve them in the process to have a comprehensive solution and implementation.

The above answers were generated by ChatGPT. The rest of the article was written by a human…


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