Epicor launches Community Care software

Epicor has announced it will be releasing new software to support home care services, as part of its Senior Living Solution (SLS) offering.

The cloud-based Community Care solution benefits aged care providers through improved workforce management, client management and data analysis functionality.

“Due to changing market requirements, there is a growing demand from aged care providers for a solution that simplifies the work of managing field staff and providing the best available care to the elderly, in the comfort of their own home,” said Greg O’Loan, regional vice president, ANZ, Epicor.

Aged care providers need powerful technology that lets them deliver high-quality care to their clients, through better workforce management, resource allocation, and talent acquisition and retention,” Mr O’Loan said.

“To meet this need, Epicor has added Epicor Community Care to its industry-specific Epicor Senior Living Solution (SLS) platform. This new solution aligns with the Epicor mission to provide a fully-integrated and holistic software system for all the needs of the aged care industry, including providers and clients.”

The Epicor Community Care—part of Epicor SLS—is delivered through the cloud and hosted in Australia. It meets all privacy and legislative requirements while providing a simple-to-use, mobile-ready way for organisations to manage field staff, and for field staff to manage the actions they take. The solution covers every aspect of in-home or community care, from identification to closure, and can be used on any compatible device.

Key to this is rostering, which lets aged care providers generate visits and services based on client preferences, in a client-centric approach. It helps staff use resources according to their availability and expertise, and enables organisations to schedule the right resources based on location, skills, availability and client need.

“The interaction between care worker and client is instrumental in providing good outcomes,” Mr O’Loan said.

“Making sure clients get the services they need, when they need them, from their preferred supplier can make a huge difference to the quality of care experienced by the client.”

“This solution gives aged care providers additional control to allow for better outcomes. For example, if clients are more receptive to a particular care provider, then it makes sense to schedule that provider to attend to that client as much as possible.

“This means the client will have a better experience and be more likely to take their medications as directed. Or, if a client suffers from diabetes, then the aged care provider can roster workers who are highly experienced in caring for older people with diabetes, helping them to better manage their condition,” Mr O’Loan said.

From individual providers perspectives, Epicor Community Care makes their job easier. It gives them a clear view of their jobs for the day, and allows them to accept, progress, enter case notes, and complete jobs on a compatible mobile device anywhere and at any time. In-built maps will enable staff to get directions to the client address and easily stay in touch with the office at all times.

This functionality is provided through the Epicor partner, JCurve Solutions, and its Riyo solution. Tightly integrated into Epicor SLS, Riyo helps organisations scale their business to meet demand through more efficient resource management.

“This solution not only supports aged care providers in adding in-home or community care services to their portfolio, but it also helps them move to the cloud,” Mr O’Loan said.

“Cloud-based solutions hosted in Australia can add agility and efficiency to organisations. Importantly, the integrated Epicor SLS solution provides consolidated reporting and a single source of truth, which can help organisations make better decisions and be more efficient and competitive.”

“With an integrated customer relationship management component and deep business intelligence capabilities, Epicor SLS provides a C-level perspective on business performance. It can also facilitate daily operations at a faster pace, more seamlessly and reliably than bespoke solutions or point products that aren’t integrated,” Mr O’Loan said.

Epicor expects the SLS with Community Care solution will be available in April 2020.


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