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Hayylo's new Analytics tool

Hayylo customer experience and communications platform have released a new care service analytics addition for supporting community care providers.

Hayylo claims that the tool is designed to improve outcomes for teams, who in many cases are still running on email and phone as their main form of communication, with disjointed SMS channels sitting in a stand-alone system or inefficiently in the CMS. These existing methods provide little to no insights into the work, limiting the ability of the team to know exactly where to look to adjust their workflows.

Hayylo Analytics allows users to track and measure work, and deep dive into opportunities for enhancement, process change and customer behaviours that open-up new ways of thinking.

 “Over the past few months, we have been working closely with community care providers across Australia to understand what teams need to drive work forward efficiently.”  says Greg Satur – Hayylo CEO. 

“Given the magnitude of effort faced by community care teams currently, we knew that by helping teams understand their environment it would allow them to make meaningful change that provides urgent efficiencies”.

With Hayylo Analytics, teams can see the impact of their work in the community, while management teams can see where the inefficiencies are to make meaningful changes to their operating environment.

As a standard feature for any Hayylo customer the analytics dashboards let you:

  1. Understand handle times and inefficiency
  2. Get insights on your scheduling practices
  3. Track the type and volume of enquiries
  4. Analyse team progress and KPI’s
  5. Know where the roadblocks are
  6. Report on compliance requests
  7. Track and monitor feedback

Hayylo recently signed a tech partnership with care management software provider Lumary.


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