Silverchain partners with Datos Health to elevate remote healthcare in Australia

Datos Health app

Silverchain, a leading Australian in-home care specialist, has formed a partnership with Datos Health, a global remote care leader, to offer a patient care app and remote monitoring platform. This collaboration will enhance Silverchain’s delivery of virtual healthcare in patients’ homes. It enables healthcare providers to remotely manage patient care while giving patients greater access to their healthcare information and fostering active participation in their health journeys.

The Datos Health platform allows for real-time monitoring of patient conditions, enabling care teams to respond promptly to minimize adverse events. This partnership is expected to elevate remote healthcare in Australia, benefiting Silverchain’s 115,000 clients by offering improved access to healthcare when needed and convenient for them.

In a statement, Dr Anna Barker, Silverchain’s Executive Director of Data, Research & Innovation, outlined how Datos Health would enhance remote care, improving clinicians’ efficiency and providing clients with greater control over their healthcare information.

“Integrating the Datos platform will allow our clinicians to provide better care, improve their workflow, and allow them to spend more time to focus on high-value tasks for our clients, Dr Barker said.

Datos Health’s platform will initially be applied to Silverchain’s mental health model of care for older people with depression, known as EMBED (Enhanced Management of Home-Based Elders).

CEO and Founder of Datos Health Uri Bettesh said each patient had a unique set of needs.

“Datos Health was designed to meet those individual needs in a way that clinicians could benefit from as well. Our platform will enable Silverchain’s clinicians to provide their patients with self-care tools, personalised care plans, and educational resources,” Mr Bettesh said.

The announcement comes after Silverchain signed a memorandum of understanding with the Sheba Fund for Health Services and Research, focusing on innovative models of care using digital technologies to deliver complex healthcare services.


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