Silverchain partners with Sheba Beyond to revolutionise digital home care in Australia

(Front L-R): Professor Eyal Zimlichman, Sheba’s Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer, and Founder and Director of ARC at Sheba Medical Centre. Silverchain Chief Executive Ms Dale Fisher AM Silverchain Chair: Ms Anne Skipper (Back L-R): Silverchain Executive Director, Research and Innovation, Professor Anna Barker Mr Idan Goldberger, CEO of Australian Friends of Sheba Medical Centre (Tel Ha’Shomer Hospital)

Australia’s Silverchain, a leading provider of complete and complex home care, has joined forces with Sheba Beyond, one of the world’s first virtual hospitals, in a landmark partnership that is poised to revolutionise digital health innovation in home care.

The collaboration, which includes Sheba’s ARC Center for Innovation, situated at the Sheba Medical Centre in Israel, aims to pioneer cutting-edge models of home care, utilising digital technologies to deliver sophisticated healthcare services to patients.

Doctor visits a patient virtually using Sheba Beyond

Silverchain Chief Executive Dale Fisher AM said the memorandum of understanding marked a significant milestone in international knowledge exchange in the health care and aged care fields.

“Not only does this MoU unite three outstanding entities – Silverchain, Sheba Beyond and Sheba’s ARC Centre – it is also the first time a Sheba MoU in Australia has involved Sheba Beyond and we’re inspired to be a part of a collaboration of this calibre,” Ms Fisher said.

The partnership will benefit both entities. Silverchain stands to benefit from Sheba’s expertise and experience in digitally enabled care, while Sheba gains from Silverchain’s applied research in improving safety and accessibility for in-home care, focusing on areas such as mental health, palliative care, cardiology, rehabilitation, and acute health care.

Professor Eyal Zimlichman, Sheba’s Chief Innovation and Transformation Officer, and Founder and Director of ARC at Sheba Medical Centre, said he was profoundly excited about this partnership.

“The ARC Centre is at the heart of our efforts to transform healthcare. Our vision with Silverchain goes beyond mere collaboration; we are collectively forging a path for transformation,” Prof Zimlichman said.

“Together, we’re striving to drive growth and drastically improve the way care is delivered to homes across Australia. This is not just about changing the model of care, it’s about enabling better health equity for all Australians.

“In this collaboration, the ARC Centre could work hand-in-hand with Silverchain to create cutting-edge decision-support tools, co-develop new platforms or devices, and even conduct joint research related to forward-thinking topics, such as smart homes.

“I believe that our joint efforts can create a new standard of care that meets the diverse needs of individuals and communities across Australia. This partnership is a crucial step in turning that belief into reality,” Prof Zimlichman added.


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