Songwriters collaborate with people living with dementia to create original songs

Neuroscience Research Australia (NeuRA) and the Talent Development Project (TDP) have unveiled Music and Memories, a groundbreaking collaboration aiming to harness the power of music in aiding people with dementia.

This innovative initiative pairs emerging singer-songwriters from TDP’s THRIVE program with individuals living with dementia to create original songs inspired by their life stories.

With dementia affecting over 421,000 Australians and predicted to double by 2054, the partnership seeks to offer therapeutic benefits through music-based interventions.

Dr Craig Sinclair from NeuRA highlights the therapeutic potential of music in preserving memories and cognitive functions.

“Exposure to music alone is understood to have therapeutic benefits, but it is also believed music provides a ‘scaffold’ for the cognitive processes that establish memories. It’s why we often see the ability to play an instrument or sing a song preserved in conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease – the most common form of dementia”

Dr Craig Sinclair, Senior Research Fellow at NeuRA and UNSW

Through deep dive interviews, musicians Jordyn Richards, Sam Green, and Jade Steg connect with participants, crafting songs that capture their essence and experiences. These heartfelt compositions serve as a unique gift to participants and their families, providing comfort and meaningful engagement.

Last month, the TDP musicians performed and shared their original songs, which will soon be available on music platforms.

NeuRA’s upcoming Giving Day aims to raise funds to support dementia research, emphasizing the importance of developing effective interventions amid rising dementia rates in Australia.

To donate or register for NeuRA Giving Day, visit:


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