Survey to gather insights on Additional Services ahead of white paper

To help shape the future of additional services within the residential aged care sector, Pride Living and Russell Kennedy Lawyers have developed a comprehensive survey. This initiative aims to inform a forthcoming white paper that will address the current Additional Services environment and reflect on Recommendation 11 of the Aged Care Taskforce.

A discussion webinar was recently held, exploring the implications of Aged Care Taskforce Recommendation 11 – Additional Services. If you missed the webinar you can watch it below.

The survey seeks to capture the views of aged care providers through several promotional channels.

These include registrants of webinars hosted by Inside Ageing, organisations associated with Pride Living, Russell Kennedy, and Inside Ageing, as well as LinkedIn connections of senior staff from both Pride Living and Russell Kennedy.

The survey and forthcoming white paper will only use aggregated data and de-identified case studies. This measure ensures that no specific details about individual approved providers will be disclosed.

Upon completion, the white paper will be available free of charge.

Respondents who choose to identify themselves will receive a direct copy, while others can access the document via a link on this website.

The survey represents a critical step towards understanding and improving additional services in aged care, with an emphasis on compliance and best practices as recommended by the Aged Care Taskforce.


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