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Credit where credit is due: Annette McCurdy

Annette McCurdy is the latest recipient of the OSCARS Recognition of Excellence program - presented by the OSCAR Care Group.

Providers pause development plans

Aged care providers are shelving development plans, raising concerns about the future outlook for care beds. Amid an uncertain...

Aged care providers spending millions on Royal Commission

Three ASX-listed aged care providers Regis Healthcare, Estia and Japara have spent more than $6.7 million in direct costs responding to the...

Listed providers write down asset values amid ‘unclear outlook’

Listed aged care provider Japara has flagged an “unclear outlook” amid COVID-19, challenging funding arrangements and low occupancy. The...

Japara lists Central Coast site with 90 bed licenses

Japara is selling a property it acquired as part of the Riviera Health deal last year on the NSW Central Coast.

Japara reports revenue up, but occupancy and net profit down

Japara has released its half yearly results, delivering a lower net profit on the prior comparative period despite strong net RAD cash inflows and...

Japara increases NSW foothold with $39 million acquisition

Japara has announced its acquisition of the Riviera Health residential aged care portfolio which includes four facilities on freehold land in Sydney and the NSW Central Coast.

Millions to be repaid after court rules fees ‘unlawful’

Providers that have been collecting asset refurbishment fees from clients will have to repay the funds, following a Federal Court judge ruled last week that such charges have no legal standing.

Sensors to reduce workplace injuries

Japara has announced it will be rolling out new wearable technology to its staff to help reduce workplace injuries. DorsaVi’s “myVisafe” sensors are stuck to...

Japara announces FY17 EBITDA of $60.2m but shares still drop

Japara Healthcare Limited has announced its results for the year ended 30 June 2017, achieving EBITDA of $60.2 million which Chief Executive Andrew Sudholz has...