Uncertainty looms over aged care reform as govt delays release amidst political climate

According to reports by the AFR, The Albanese government has postponed the release of its review on aged-care reform, chaired by Minister Anika Wells, raising suspicions of a delay until after the Dunkley by-election on March 2.

The review suggests implementing user-pays models through increased means-testing to ensure the sustainability of the ageing population’s care and the aged care sector as a whole.

Despite initial promises to incorporate the recommendations into the May budget, the release dates have been repeatedly pushed back, with the current status undisclosed.

The opposition, led by Anne Ruston, has called for transparency and collaboration on aged-care reforms, criticising the government’s secrecy regarding the task force outcomes.

The government has hinted at potential fee increases for those with higher means, citing polling data suggesting public willingness to contribute up to 40% of aged-care costs. However, specifics of the polling and its methodology remain undisclosed.

This delay and lack of transparency have raised concerns about the government’s commitment to addressing the challenges facing Australia’s aged-care system.


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