Aged Care Enrichment Podcast: It’s all downhill after 50 and other ageist myths – with Carl Honoré – Feb 8

Next week’s episode is about something that we all experience, and we all contribute to despite our best efforts. Ageism and ageist beliefs are all around us, and we’ve got award-winning author Carl Honoré joining us to talk about finding ways to overcome ageism in our daily work.

Carl Honoré wrote the international best-selling book In Praise of Slow about the Slow Movement that has been published in 35 languages and talks about the benefits of slowing down to experience more of life.

Working with vulnerable older adults, it can sometimes be difficult to see these individuals as people who are living full and rich lives just like ourselves.

Carl’s newest book Bolder – making the most of our longer lives, has practical ways of helping us break down some of the not so helpful ideas often ingrained about growing older and changing the way we perceive the ageing process.

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