Australian Aged Care Innovators: Promoting collaboration and innovation for a sustainable future

The Australian aged care sector is undergoing a transformative journey, driven by passionate individuals, pioneering start-ups, research institutions, and established organisations, all working tirelessly to improve the quality of care, promote healthy ageing, and support the independence and dignity of older Australians.

With the aim of creating a collaborative ecosystem to accelerate innovation, improve lives, and ensure a sustainable future for the aged care industry, Australian Aged Care Innovators (AACI) has emerged as a promising initiative.

Founded by two Aged Care innovators, Jeannie-Marie Noyce, the founder of Brenna, and Julie Hogarth-Williams, founder of The SeniorsChannel, AACI seeks to bridge the gap between innovators, providers, and stakeholders. Their shared passion for advancing innovation within the industry led them to establish AACI, an organisation dedicated to bringing innovative products and services to those who need them the most.

In line with its mission, AACI has announced its inaugural event, the Network and Learn Event: Co-Design in Aged Care. This event aims to bring together Australian aged care innovators, providers, and stakeholders for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and inspiration. The event will be held on the 20th of June 2023 at the Sydney Startup Hub, located at 11 York St, Sydney.

“We are thrilled to invite everyone to the first Australian Aged Care Innovators Network and Learn Event,” said Jeannie-Marie Noyce, co-founder of AACI. “This event will provide an excellent platform for innovators, providers, and industry stakeholders to connect, exchange ideas, and forge valuable partnerships. Through these connections, we can drive innovation and enhance the quality of aged care services.”

The highlight of the Network and Learn Event will be a keynote presentation by Dan Bentley, Director of Impacto Consulting, a renowned expert in the field of co-design. In his 30-minute presentation, Bentley will shed light on the buzzword of co-design in Aged Care, exploring its essence and the top five essential components of an effective co-design process. The importance of including all participants in the design process will also be a key topic of discussion.

Following the keynote presentation, a panel discussion featuring industry experts will delve into the realm of effective co-design in Aged Care, providing insights and audience Q&A. The panellists, soon to be announced, will share their experiences, challenges, and success stories in implementing co-design strategies to drive positive change within the aged care landscape.

The Network and Learn Event also offers ample networking opportunities for aged care innovators, providers, industry stakeholders, policymakers, and other professionals. Participants can connect with like-minded individuals, stay ahead of industry trends, and discover emerging innovators, fostering an environment of collaboration and inspiration.

Tickets for the AACI Network and Learn Event: Co-Design in Aged Care are now available for free and can be secured through the event’s official website. However, due to limited availability, interested individuals are encouraged to secure their tickets promptly to avoid missing out.


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