Credit where credit is due: Kitchen staff

Binu Krishnan (far left), Donwood Community, “Make an impact on the Aged Care industry, and cook for the rest of my life!”

With today being International Chefs Day, it seemed appropriate to highlight some of those people working in food preparation who have been recognised in the Oscar Care Group’s Excellence Awards.

Each Chef has provided a quote that illustrates the importance that they and their team bring to people’s lives each and every day…

Maria Kaitatzis, (2nd from left) Fronditha Care Lower Templestowe, “I love creating special meals and giving pleasure through my food to our residents. It’s like cooking for my family.”

“I love cooking every day to give pleasure to our elderly Residents, seeing their happy smiling faces is my reward.”
David Martin, Japara The Regent, “For too long, people have held the long prevailing view that food in Aged Care is bland and uninspiring. For a significant part of my career, I have dared to challenge this view.”

“My father always said if you love what you do, you must put all your heart and soul into that endeavour and devote yourself to your craft. I have tried to live by that my whole career. Hard work to me means taking daily consistent steps to improve my craft in the pursuit of my passion.”
Mansi Arora, Calvary Elanora, “I have loved cooking from the very beginning. My mom was a cook back home and my grandmother as well. So cooking is a part of me. I love working in a kitchen environment and working with elderly people. The residents remind me of my family. Seeing a smile on their face, making their day. It makes me happy. Being able to do whatever you want to do with your whole heart, that’s what matters. And that’s what we do here at Elanora.”

Lee Ruane (standing behind the counter) Yallambee, “We are in our Resident’s homes, but we can bring the outside world to them. Each day we aim to provide the quality and presentation of a restaurant experience to the elderly in our care; it’s what they deserve.”

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