Hobart provider Glenview introduces ‘online check-in’ to help manage visitations

Glenview tablet check

Glenview’s Korongee and Windsor aged care facilities have introduced an innovative approach to managing visitors and contractors through the implementation of the 5F Concierge and digital displays – supplied by Australian company – Five Faces

The deployment of Concierge – a highly customisable digital queue management platform –has enabled full tracking and tracing of all visits and the flexibility for Glenview to control and know exactly what is happening on site. Most importantly, it has allowed Glenview to protect its residents, while still enabling friends and family to visit and spend quality time. 

Yazz Krishna, CEO, Five Faces

“Aged care facilities are potentially ground zero when it comes to impact from the pandemic,” said Yazz Krishna, CEO, Five Faces. “Because they serve as home to so many Australians, these facilities have had quite the task of navigating care and risk ever since COVID.”

The 5F Concierge system was first installed at the organisation’s Korongee Village facility in time for the facility’s opening, before being expanded to include Glenview’s Windsor facility as well.

“We needed to protect our residents, but the idea of not allowing loved ones to visit is not something we were going to entertain,” said Lucy O’Flaherty, CEO, Glenview. “We needed to find a safe middle ground, and we knew technology was going to be at the centre of this, so we engaged Five Faces to deliver this in time for the opening.”

Concierge enabling full tracking and tracing of all visits

Today, visitors and contractors wanting to come to a Glenview facility go online and fill in their details (including uploading a recent flu shot certificate) and enter the digital queue.

Staff at site can review the request, check with the resident and confirm the visit request, and approve it so the visitor gets a code via email.  Because this is all done offsite and prior to the actual visit, staff can qualify visitors and contractors before they enter.

Once they are approved to visit, the visitor/contractor can simply enter or scan their code at a kiosk, and it checks them in.  Those who do not sign up online can do so via the kiosk on arrival and be reviewed before progressing past reception, allowing for a similar level of controlled contact. If state restrictions are increased, it is possible to set within the system a maximum number of visitors allowed on premise at any given time, and the rest of the process is automated accordingly.

In addition, facial recognition has made the check-in process simpler for repeat visitors. 

Should there ever be an incident, Glenview can automatically send alerts to all visitors advising them not to come in. Finally, visitors who are not technology-proficient can call the facility and have staff register on their behalf quickly and easily and provide them with their entry code.

“Overall, Concierge has made our residents and families of residents feel safe, allowed loved ones to visit, and empowered our staff with the ability to know who is coming in, who they are there to see, and when they left,” said O’Flaherty.

Glenview also deployed Five Faces’ digital displays, allowing facility staff to communicate relevant messages to visitors and residents. These include COVID information, social distancing and hygiene reminders, and of course content like local menus, events and birthdays, with the digital delivery making the content more dynamic.

“Working with the team at Glenview has been a great experience for us, and being able to apply our capabilities to support an at-risk community has been rewarding,” said Krishna. “The team at Glenview were passionate about helping their residents and families stay connected and stay safe, and they knew that embracing technology was the best way to achieve it.

“In turbulent times, it has been amazing to see this facility rise to the challenge that COVID brought, and to deliver the best result for residents to be safe while remaining connected.”


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