HomeMade boosts efficiency and transparency with SAP’s Business Technology Platform

HomeMade, a startup that enables self-management of government Home Care Packages in Australia, has improved efficiency and transparency in the aged care sector through digital innovation with SAP’s Business Technology Platform (BTP). Over the course of 12 months, in collaboration with SAP AppHaus Network partner Bourne Digital, HomeMade implemented an automated, self-service portal that has resulted in significant benefits for the aged care sector.

Home Care Packages are designed for older Australians with complex care needs who wish to live independently in their own homes, providing access to personal and clinical care services. However, traditional aged care provider models often lack flexibility, choice, and control for participants, and are associated with manual processes and high administration costs. HomeMade sought to address these challenges by leveraging SAP BTP to automate processes and improve transparency and flexibility in the sector.

The implementation of SAP BTP has resulted in a 9-day reduction in the time it takes to onboard new participants and a 50% reduction in reimbursement processing time. This has streamlined workflows and increased efficiency in service provision. HomeMade’s automated portal has also reduced administrative overheads associated with Home Care Package management, with participants saving over $5,000 annually on average in management fees.

Laura Westhorpe and Selim Ahmed discuss the implementation of SAP BTP

Laura Westhorpe, General Manager of HomeMade, stated, “HomeMade’s vision is to transform home care in Australia, and we are continuously building our capabilities – whether that’s teams, processes, or technology. Leveraging SAP BTP has allowed us to create a solution that better supports older Australians in need of care and given us an exciting and innovative platform that will help us grow.”

The implementation of SAP BTP has not only improved HomeMade’s operations, but it has also enabled the company to offer faster and more transparent care options to older Australians and their families while reducing administrative costs and allocating more resources towards improving the quality of life for participants.

Selim Ahmed, CEO & Founder of Bourne Digital, highlighted the successful partnership between Bourne Digital and HomeMade in applying design thinking to build a scalable, secure, and intuitive portal solution. He also commended SAP BTP as a fantastic platform that accommodates multiple personas and supports forward-thinking organisations like HomeMade.

The implementation of SAP BTP by HomeMade demonstrates the positive impact of digital innovation in improving the aged care sector in Australia, with increased efficiency, transparency, and flexibility in service provision, ultimately benefiting older Australians in need of care and support.


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