Insights from the Taskforce report on additional services

Department of Health and Aged Care - Final report of the Aged Care Taskforce, 12 March 2024

Originally published by Pride Living’s James Saunders, the final Taskforce report on Aged Care recommends incorporating additional service fees into the basic daily fee for both supported and non-supported residents. This recommendation aligns with the current trend towards consumer co-payments to support choice within the aged care system.

The report emphasises the role of Additional Services in any revised funding regime, indicating that providers should not hesitate to implement such services. Key issues highlighted in the recommendations include transparency, price disclosure, and the application of fees to services outside of “Specified Care and Services.”

The report suggests implementing a price cap on Additional Service fees, although the exact mechanism for this cap is not clarified. Despite potential operational challenges, the report endorses the application of Additional Service fees to supported residents, ensuring they can afford the discounted fees within existing programs.

The recommendation for post-admission choice regarding Additional Services raises practical concerns for providers, such as billing logistics and staff management. Nonetheless, providers are encouraged to articulate the value of their service packages to minimise opt-outs.

The report also highlights the need for ongoing monitoring and compliance to ensure adequate protection for residents. Providers are advised to seek ongoing support to manage compliance and complaints effectively.

Inside Ageing and Pride Living are offering a live webinar workshop on May 16 that will delve into this topic. Further details here.


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