LG enhances social connection for aged care

LG adds social connection for aged care residents with new Care Messenger solution.

LG Electronics Australia has introduced Care Messenger as part of its Technology Partnership platform, aiming to improve communications between aged care residents and their loved ones.

Designed for LG Hotel TV products, Care Messenger facilitates interactions between residents and their families. LG has also announced a commitment to becoming a Smart Life Solutions Company that aligns with the changing needs of the aged care industry and ageing populations in Australia and elsewhere.

Chris Wilson, Head of Information Displays, LG Electronics Australia shared, “At LG Electronics, we pride ourselves on identifying unique and innovative technologies that will enhance the good in our customer’s lives. Understanding the opportunity we had to improve the resident experience of those staying in facilities fitted with LG Hotel TVs, we’re thrilled to be bringing Care Messenger to Australians.

With this innovative solution as part of our overarching Technology Partnership platform, the impact and experience of LG customers will be greatly enhanced,” Mr Wilson added.

Care Messenger, integrated into LG TVs, simplifies communication for both residents and families. Through an easy-to-use app, families can send messages, photos, and videos directly to loved ones. The platform also enables video calls and streamlined communication with multiple-choice questions.

For an aged care business, a management portal facilitates coordination and communication among connected devices, allowing staff to share updates and monitor activity efficiently. LG offers packages combining Pro Centric TVs and Care Messenger for businesses and families, making this a unique offering for those running aged care facilities.


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