Pluss Communities achieves ISO 27001 certification for data security

Pluss Communities offers customised, branded apps

Pluss Communities, a developer of customised communication apps for senior living communities, has achieved ISO 27001 certification, becoming the sole supplier in its field to attain this globally recognised standard for online security. This certification reflects the company’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security and information management at a time when its an area of concern for both businesses and their customers.

ISO 27001 is the most well-known standard for information security management systems, demonstrating that a business has a comprehensive system in place to manage data security risks. Pluss Communities, which aims to alleviate social isolation among senior communities by leveraging technology, has developed apps that enhance the efficiency of staff in managing daily communication and community operations. Their partnerships extend to some of Australia’s largest retirement living, over-50s lifestyle resorts, and aged care providers.

“When I’m speaking directly to residents, it allows us to address their security concerns and gives
the best possible confidence that we will live up to the commitment we are making to them.”

Pluss Communities, CEO,
Michael Jeffrey

This certification assures residents and their families that their data is protected, enabling them to stay connected and informed about the community’s activities. Pluss Communities also offers a platform for building connections, friendships, and enhancing the quality of life within these communities.

To attain ISO 27001 certification, Pluss Communities underwent a rigorous process involving more than 400 tasks related to risk controls, security systems, internal and external audits, and system penetration tests. Their commitment to data security, especially for older Australians who prioritise data safety, is paramount in building trust and fostering user confidence.


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