Remote assessment solution for health sector launches

Realwear Navigator 500

A new remote assessment solution has been launched by Umbrella Solutions to provide healthcare professionals with a more convenient and efficient way of delivering services to clients. The solution, which is focused on providing occupational therapy (OT) assessments, will allow healthcare professionals to deliver assessments through a remote video platform, reducing wait times and making services more accessible to clients.

The remote assessment solution is being marketed under the banner Umbrella Engage has been developed by a team of healthcare professionals and software engineers, with the software platform being designed and built by Bondi Labs. The platform, called Elixar, uses a head-mounted, hands-free, and voice-activated device that enables remote specialists to experience the assessment as if they were with the client in person.

The remote assessment solution provides several benefits to both healthcare professionals and clients. It reduces travel and accommodation costs, increases personal safety, and allows for a more informed assessment, giving specialists more time to gather necessary information. The solution also provides opportunities for regional Australia, as long as there is a reliable connection.

The remote assessment solution will be available on a monthly subscription, with no lock-in timeframes and the option for up to 25 active users. The subscription also includes Elixar software support, base training, and full data security for all sessions. The remote assessment solution will be device agnostic, meaning that it can be used with a variety of devices, including the Realwear Navigator 500 (pictured), which has a 48mp quality camera.

Video showing the product in use

In addition to remote OT assessments, the remote assessment solution will also be available for remote nursing support, direct live stream support for lay roles in the sector, and remote internal audits for businesses with multiple sites. The solution also offers exceptional training opportunities for remote training, reducing the high cost of face-to-face support.

This new remote assessment solution is expected to have a significant impact on the health industry, making services more accessible and convenient for clients, while also reducing costs and increasing safety for healthcare professionals.


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