Strengthening healthcare governance: Catholic Health Australia welcomes three new Board Directors

Three new directors have been appointed to the Board of Catholic Health Australia (CHA), enhancing the governance of the organisation representing a significant portion of Australia’s non-government hospitals, aged care, and community care providers.

The new directors, Francis Price, Sylvia Falzon, and Patrick Brady, bring substantial experience as Chairs of their hospitals and aged care providers, including Southern Cross Care QLD (Francis Price) and Cabrini Health (Syliva Falzon).

“Our mission is to achieve a more viable, equitable and robust healthcare system and deliver
compassionate care to those who need it most”

Jenny Parker, Chair, Catholic Health Australia

The organisation aims to foster a more sustainable and compassionate healthcare system, focusing on equitable access to care.

Each new director represents institutions renowned for their contributions to healthcare, including aged care, rehabilitation, palliative care, mental health, and maternity services.

With the healthcare sector facing challenges and transformations, CHA seeks to ensure that the concerns of its members remain a priority in policymaking. With over 80 hospitals and 350 aged care facilities under its umbrella, CHA plays a significant role in Australia’s healthcare landscape.

The Board’s composition now comprises fourteen directors, reflecting a diverse range of expertise and perspectives.


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