Support at Home Program pushed back to 2027

A slide from the presentation held yesterday by the Department of Health and Aged Care

The new Support at Home Program will now be implemented in two stages starting from July 1, 2025, replacing the existing Home Care Packages (HCP) Program and Short-Term Restorative Care (STRC) Programme.

The decision follows a series of delays in the Support at Home Program, which was originally slated for launch in July 2023. Stakeholder concerns prompted a 12-month delay to July 2024 by the new Labor government, followed by another 12-month postponement announced 10 months later, pushing the launch to July 2025.

The new timetable was announced in a webinar held yesterday by the department.

Stage 1. July 2024 – Single Assessment workforce commences
Stage 2. July 2025 – Support at Home commences with HCP andSTRC providers ONLY
Stage 3. No earlier than July 2027 – CHSP joining Support at Home.

The Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) will transition to the new program no earlier than July 1, 2027. This staged approach aims to minimise disruption, allowing CHSP providers time to adapt their business systems and payment arrangements.

“I have listened to CHSP providers who have advocated for more time to prepare for reforms to ensure they can transition their operations and clients smoothly. “

Aged Care Minister Anika Wells

The transition aims to improve access to services, equipment, and home modifications for older individuals, promoting health, activity, and social connection.

Further information on CHSP and associated grants can be found here.


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