Three-way merger consolidates home care services

Three community care service providers have announced they will be merging to create a new, larger entity with an expanded range of services.

The consolidation of Community First, Volunteer Task Force and Care Options in WA is being seen as a merger of equals, with each of the three organisations similar in size. When combined, the new entity employ over 400 staff and assist over 10,000 clients.

Initial discussions commenced a year ago following the announcement of changes to welfare funding, though it is unknown when the new entity will come into effect.

Executive Director of Community First, David Shelton, said he first broached the subject of a merger with the chief executive officer of Volunteer Taskforce 12 months ago, and in early 2016 Care Options expressed an interest in joining the proposed merger.

”We are all enthusiastic about the potential of the new entity to improve services to clients and to introduce a wider service offering,” Mr Shelton said.

“Our services are already widely recognised for their quality and value, but the new entity gives us better financial leverage and will allow us to have an even bigger impact in our shared aim of supporting people to live a better life, put simply, in the future we will be able to do more things for more people.

“Being a larger scale organisation will enable us to invest in state-of-the art systems to drive better efficiencies for lower client costs, and operating over a wider geographic area means that we will be better able to develop new and innovative services.”

The new organisation will offer a range of in-home aged care services, from day centres and activities to domestic assistance, personal support, meals on wheels, home maintenance and gardening and the provision of transport services across the Perth and regional areas of WA. It will also provide mental health, disability and employment support in various locations.


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