Tonnes of food for Foodbank

Seasons Aged Care’s annual Foodbank fundraising and food drive has collected more than 45.5 tonnes of food for Foodbank.

Since September 2017, all Seasons Aged Care communities have been holding fundraising events and a food drive where residents, staff and the general public donate a different pantry staple each week.

Seasons Aged Care Chief Executive Officer Nick Loudon said that while the total is just shy of the organisation’s 50-tonne target, it represents a great effort by each of the communities.

“When I set our 50-tonne target, I knew it was ambitious but I’m proud to say that thanks to the great work by each of our communities and their local areas, that we collected more than 45.5 tonnes of food,” said Mr Loudon.

“Whether it was through donating at our community fundraising events such as family days and high teas, or bringing in a grocery item of the week, I thank all our staff, residents and the local community for their involvement and shared passion for the Foodbank cause.”

Every item that was donated will allow Foodbank to help meet the growing demand for food relief in Australia. Last year 3.6 million Australians experienced food insecurity and 652,000 people receive food relief from Foodbank agencies every month – 27 per cent of those are children.

This year, Seasons will be continuing its partnership with Foodbank and Mr Loudon is confident that the organisation will be able to surpass this year’s goal and help even more Australian families in need.

“We’re looking to keep the effort going all through this year so we can collect even more food for those in need.”


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