Dementia Action Week and award-winning solutions supporting those living with dementia

Common area at Anglicare SQ's St Martin’s Specialist Dementia Care Program unit.

Earlier today, we got a call from Anglicare Southern Queensland’s communications team. They asked if we’d like to do a follow-up story on their Specialist Dementia Care Program, which received highly commended for Dementia care in the 2022 Future of Ageing Awards. It’s Dementia Action Week, so it makes sense, right?

Initially, we said no because we’d recently covered the story. (we always do this for winners and highly commended entries) But this got us thinking. We took a quick look at the awards archive and realised we’ve had quite a few entries over the past few years. So, we’ve put together a little compilation below, complete with links to the full stories about the outcomes and the people involved.

Hat tip to Anglicare SQ who we have put first on the list as a thank you:

2022 Future of Ageing Awards

  • Anglicare Southern Queensland’s Specialist Dementia Care Program (SDCP) received highly commended the 2022 Future of Ageing Awards. The SDCP addresses severe behavioural issues in living with dementia, offering specialised care not provided by mainstream services. At St Martin’s Residential Aged Care Facility, the program transitioned 11 of 18 residents back into mainstream care, easing the burden on acute care beds. This approach empowers affiliated facilities to better care for severe behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) while promoting familiarity, stimulation, and independence in a dementia-friendly environment…Read more
Dementia Australia’s Talk with Ted, 2022 Winner Dementia Care
  • Dementia Australia’s Talk with Ted program won the Dementia Care category in the 2022 Future of Ageing Awards. The program introduces an artificial intelligence avatar, Ted, to help carers practice communication with dementia patients, simulating typical emotional and verbal exchanges. This initiative addresses the critical challenge of providing quality care for the increasing number of Australians living with dementia. Talk with Ted offers workers experiential learning, fostering empathy and adaptability, and aims to improve care quality for those living with dementia…Read more
  • Southern Cross Care NSW & ACT’s project for Engagement in Dementia Care through Physical Environment Design earned highly commended. The project aimed to redesign the John Woodward Residential Care Home’s dementia wing to enhance independence and engagement. Using Dementia Training Australia’s tools and input from residents, families, and staff, the project created distinct activity-related zones, introduced murals and calming decor, and improved residents’ participation in activities by over 300%. This project demonstrates the benefits of holistic care and resourceful design in dementia care environments…Read more
  • The Lithgow Dementia Support (LDS) group’s Creative Dementia Workshops, which received a highly commended award in the 2022 Future of Ageing Awards for Community Engagement, provide a safe and creative environment for people living with dementia and their caregivers. The workshops incorporate art, music, and mindfulness activities, delivered by qualified facilitators. Additionally, they offer carer support sessions to address the needs of those caring for individuals with dementia. These workshops aim to enhance memory, reduce anxiety, and promote happiness among participants, fostering social inclusion and improving the well-being of people living with dementia and their caregivers in regional and rural areas…Read more

2021 Future of Ageing Awards

Picture cards illustrated by proud Dagoman woman Samantha Campbell will help the growing number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living with dementia maintain crucial links to carers and communities.
  • Dementia Support Australia (DSA) won the Indigenous Communities category of the 2021 Future of Ageing Awards for their culturally appropriate communication cards designed by Samantha Campbell, a proud Dagoman woman. These picture cards help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living with dementia maintain connections to carers and communities as their verbal skills decline. The cards, designed to respect culture and facilitate communication, address the increased prevalence of dementia in Indigenous populations and support carers and medical staff in conveying key messages and engaging in various activities…Read more
The Enabling EDIE™ workshop
  • Dementia Australia’s Enabling EDIE™ and Exploring Dementia programs received runner-up awards in the 2020 and 2021 Future of Ageing Awards. This session focuses on the outcomes achieved in remote and isolated communities in Australia, particularly among First Nations communities, using Virtual Reality dementia education technology. Inside Ageing hosted a webinar to discuss the programs…Watch here
  • Dementia Australia’s ‘Dementia-Friendly Communities’ program received recognition in the Community Engagement category at the 2021 Future of Ageing Awards. The program focuses on empowering people living with dementia and fostering community understanding of the condition. It aims to reduce discrimination, enhance social inclusion, and create supportive environments by implementing local solutions tailored to the specific needs of communities. This initiative has led to positive outcomes, including increased Dementia Friends and recognised Dementia-Friendly Organisations, improved dementia education in various languages, and enhanced support for the LGBTI community in dementia care. It aims to normalise dementia, respect the rights and capabilities of people with dementia, and empower them to make decisions about their lives, thereby enabling them to live fulfilling lives for as long as possible…Read more

2020 Future of Ageing Awards

3Bridges – Individual Dementia Support Program – 2020 Future of Ageing Award winner
  • 3Bridges won the Dementia Care category at the 2020 Future of Ageing Awards with its Individual Dementia Support Program (IDSP). The program offers tailored care and support for people with mild to moderate dementia and their carers. It combines elements from the Meeting Centre Support Program (MCSP) and Individual Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (iCST). IDSP was born during the COVID-19 pandemic, evolving from a group-based approach to one-on-one support for members and online/telephone support for carers. It includes activities like physical exercises, cognitive exercises, and social activities, providing crucial support during lockdowns. The program’s success is reflected in positive feedback from participants and their families…Read more
  • Dementia Australia’s Enabling EDIE™ workshop, highly commended in the 2020 Future of Ageing Awards, provides dementia education through mobile virtual reality (VR). It immerses participants in the challenges faced by people living with dementia, fostering empathy and understanding. The program has expanded internationally, benefiting remote communities and health workers. Independent evaluations have shown increased empathy and improved care practices among participants. It is Dementia Australia’s fastest-selling dementia care education workshop for the aged care sector…Read more

2019 Future of Ageing Awards

  • Manjimup Home and Community Care (MHCC) partnered with Alzheimer’s WA to create a dementia-friendly community in South-west Western Australia. This initiative involved establishing the Boronia Club at the MHCC Wellness Centre, offering meaningful activities and intergenerational interactions for dementia-affected individuals. Education programs and dementia awareness training in local schools were also integrated into the community. The project aimed to enhance the quality of life for people with dementia and create a stigma-free, empathetic community. The success of these initiatives earned MHCC recognition in the 2019 Future of Ageing Awards – winning their category…Read more


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