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Around this time we tend to look back on the year and what we have done right and what could have been done better. A large part of this reflection process is focused on our content and identifying stories and topics that have resonated with the aged care industry, which will help us shape future training topics, events and those contributors we’ll aim to do more with.

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Google Analytics helps us measure the number of people that have read an article and how long they have read it on average – providing a useful look at the writers behind the most engaging topics.

Below are the highest-read guest posts and interviews for 2022

Plenty of solutions to aged care’s staffing crisis; not just 60,000 skilled migrant visas!

Melanie Macfarlane CEO of MM Migration and Recruitment shares her views on how to tackle the aged care staffing crisis and the many levers the government can pull to fast-track the inflow of care workers, doctors and nurses.

Mismatch between aged care 5-star ratings and community expectations

Kevin McCreton, Managing Director of Catalyst Research shares the latest results from their consumer insights Catalyst Report – surveying the views of 4,610 Australians – into understanding their expectations when it comes to aged care quality and standards.

Why the BrainTrack app is needed to support early dementia diagnosis

Dementia Australia’s Chair Professor Graeme Samuel AC shares some of what prompted the development of the BrainTrack app – a free download that helps people monitor and understand changes in cognition over time – which may lead to an earlier diagnosis of dementia.

Six questions for better aged care governance

Sarah Barter – principal at Sarah Barter Consulting and convenor with GovernWith, shares some important steps for effective board governance and compliance in aged care businesses.

Acquiring facilities and turning them around: Q&A with Respect’s Jason Binder

With 16 facilities, including 4 acquisitions in the last year and a proposed merger with Masonic Care Tasmania, Respect is one to watch. Inside Ageing spoke with Respect’s MD Jason Binder about their string of acquisitions and how they’re managing to turn a lot of these assets around.

Credit where credit is due: Jacinta Geraghty – 50 years in aged care

Jacinta Geraghty recently retired from her role as Executive Manager of Carinity Aged Care after 50 years of working in the industry. In this Q&A Jacinta talks about her career in senior care. 

Aged care: an industry in crisis with plenty of blame to go around

This post by Associate Professor Denise Jepsen from the Macquarie Business School was penned in September 2020 and remains one of our top stories in 2021 and 2022.

Guest post: The need for aged care providers to become more commercial

Bruce Bailey, Managing Director at Pride Living Group shares some useful insights from the conversations his business is having with aged care operators, including those that are confronting difficult decisions to do with solvency.

Seek invests $20m in temp agency: Q&A with Sidekicker co-founder Jacqui Bull

In this Q&A, Inside Ageing spoke with Sidekicker’s co-founder Jacqui Bull about their efforts to help the aged care sector find and retain workers.

What does it take to be considered an emerging leader in aged care?

Alison Vella was the winner of the inaugural 2021 Future of Ageing Emerging Leader Award. In this interview, we explored Alison’s achievements – providing an overview of what it takes to win this award.

Aged care M&A momentum to continue: 2022 outlook

Guest post by Jonathan Farrer (partner), Paul Burns (partner), David Ellenby (partner), Rhys Jewell (partner) and Rachael King (partner) at Corrs Chambers Westgarth.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, 2021 ended up being a record year for M&A activity in the Australian aged-care sector, culminating in the two largest aged-care transactions ever announced in the Australian market.

Jobs Summit: That’s a wrap

Catholic Health Australia’s CEO Pat Garcia provides an overview of the Government’s Jobs and Skills Summit, which he attended in Canberra.

Q&A: The Green House Project’s Susan Ryan

In this interview, Inside Ageing spoke with Susan Ryan from The Green House Project about their unique approach to aged care and the benefits, especially for those living with dementia. 

Understanding the Vocational Education Training sector and benefits for aged care

In this Q&A, Inside Ageing spoke with Tony Patterson, CEO of KCA Education about Vocational Education Training (VET) and how this seldom talked about area of training can provide workers to the aged care sector and that current visa restrictions prevent this.


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